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Amaretto Coffee
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Amaretto Coffee - 1 lb.

Our Amaretto coffee combines the rich, almond-tinged flavor of Amaretto liqueur and our perfectly roasted arabica coffee beans.  Amaretto is an Italian liqueur based from the pits of almonds, apricots, or a combination of the two, blended with spices to create a rich liqueur.  Amaretto flavored coffee is a wonderful use of the flavoring.

It's hard to believe that Amaretto liqueur was not imported into the USA until the 1960's.  Claiming fame for creating Amaretto liqueur, the Italian Lazzaroni family developed the liqueur to be used in baking cookies in 1851.  Amaretto liqueur is used in many different aspects of cooking from baked goods, including wonderful Amaretto flavored desserts, to uses for meats and other flavoring techniques.

As America was slow to adopt the wonderful Amaretto liqueur, we have made up for it with wonderful selections of Amaretto infused desserts, baked goods and other gourmet foods.  Coffee is no exception in the adaptation of this fine liqueur to create the terrific almond flavored Amaretto coffee.

1 lb. (16 oz.) bag of whole coffee beans or ground to order.

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