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Bulk Gourmet Coffee Beans > Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans (5 lbs.)
Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans (5 lbs.)

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Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans

Coffee Origin - Brazil, South America

* Whole Coffee Beans - 5 lb. bag

Medium Roast - a premium coffee from Brazil, our Brazilian Santos offers a well-balanced, smooth tasting flavor with low acidity.  Brazilian Santos provides an intense flavor and aroma that is naturally sweet. 

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, but there is a wide range of quality levels produced in this country.  Most of the coffee is the lower grade robusta bean which is harvested by machinery and grown at relatively low altitudes.  Our Brazil Santos is a high grade arabica bean grown at higher altitudes and picked by hand.  There is a world of difference in these coffees from this country.  For the best Brazilian coffee on the market, give our Brazilian Santos a try.

Coffee Characteristics

Roast Level:  Medium

Body:  Medium

Acidity:  Low

Flavor:  Smooth

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