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Gourmet Coffee

Fresh Gourmet Coffee in 1 lb. bags

100% Arabica coffee.  Choose our single origin coffees from the finest coffee estates and plantations around the world.  Our Coffee blends are custom blended by combining two or more single origin coffees and may include different roast levels.  Purchase our gourmet coffee in 1 pound (16 oz.) bags available as whole coffee beans or ground to order.

Brazilian Santos Coffee (1 lb.)

Light-Medium Roast - a premium arabica specialty coffee from the Brazilian region of Santos.  Brazilian Santos coffee is known for its mild body, low acidity, and a slight sweet and nutty flavor and aroma.  1 lb. bag of whole bean or ground to order.


Breakfast Blend Coffee (1 lb.)

Medium - Dark Roast - Our Breakfast Blend coffee is a premium blended coffee offering a smooth, yet robust flavor.  A perfect combination of medium roasted and dark roasted coffee beans for a great morning brew.  1 lb. bag of whole bean or ground to order.


Colombian Supremo Coffee (1 lb.)

Medium Roast - a popular coffee offering a rich flavor, smooth and well-balanced with a slightly sweet taste.  Our Colombian Supremo coffee is grown at a high altitude in a region that produces some of the finest coffees available.  1 lb. bag of whole beans or ground to order.


Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee (1 lb.)

Light Roast - Costa Rica is known for its outstanding coffee.  We offer a premium SHB (strictly hard bean) coffee bean from the prized Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.  This coffee bean offers a bright, citrus flavor with a medium body and rich taste.  1 lb. bag of whole bean or ground to order.


French Roast Coffee (1 lb.)

Dark French Roast - a fine blended coffee roasted to a dark French Roast level.  We call this coffee Nouveau French Roast.  This coffee offers a strong, smoky, robust flavor expected in a dark roasted coffee like you would find in a French cafe.  Our French Roast is a wonderful dark roast coffee and also makes a great espresso coffee.  1 lb. bag of whole bean or ground to order.


Old Glory Blend Coffee (1 lb.)

Dark Roast - Old Glory Blend provides a smooth, full bodied coffee that is rich in character.  Dark roasted just past a medium roast, this premium blend provides a long finish.  1 lb. bag of whole bean or ground to order. 



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