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Brazilian Santos Coffee (1 lb.)
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Brazilian Santos Coffee - 1 lb.

* Coffee Origin - Santos Region, Brazil, South America

Light - Medium Roast - a wonderfully smooth, light-medium roasted coffee from Brazil.  Our Brazilian Santos coffee offers a slightly nutty, yet sweet, smooth flavor.  There are many Brazilian coffees with a wide range of quality.  Lower quality robusta coffee beans are grown in lower altitudes and are harvested with machinery.  The higher quality arabica specialty coffee, like our Brazil Santos, is grown at higher altitudes in rich soil.  These beans are hand picked on small coffee farms and plantations.

Our Brazilian Santos coffee is a premium grade, specialty coffee providing a very smooth, rich flavor with a low acid content.

1 lb. (16 oz.) bag of whole coffee beans or ground to order.

Coffee Characteristics

Roast Level:  Medium

Body:  Medium

Acidity:  Low

Flavor:  Smooth

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