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Learn About Gourmet Coffee

To learn more about where coffees are grown, brewing coffee, differences in taste, coffee roast levels, coffee cupping, and many other attributes of coffee, visit these pages below.

Choosing Gourmet Coffee

Have you ever been confused by coffee labels, especially from one brand to another?  Want to know what the difference is between City Roast, Full City Roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast and Italian Roast?  Visit our "Choosing Your Coffee" page for a helpful look at determining the type of coffee you would enjoy.  Learn about the different roast levels, acidity content in coffee, and a recommended list of our coffees that might fit your taste pattern.

Grinding and Brewing Coffee

Does grinding your own coffee beans produce a better cup of coffee?  Find out at our "Grinding and Brewing Coffee" page.  Grinding your own coffee beans just before brewing does produce a fresher and more enjoyable cup of coffee.  Great, I'll buy a coffee grinder.  What type do I choose and how much should I spend?  How fine should I grind my coffee?  What is the coffee to water ratio?  How do I use a French Press?  Should I refrigerate or freeze coffee?  Find answers and learn about great tips for grinding, brewing, and storing coffee on our Grinding and Brewing page.

Coffee Growing Regions

Why should I care where my coffee comes from?  The global region, country, and even intra-country growing region makes a huge difference in the taste and expectations from your coffee.  If you like a particular growing region, you are more likely to enjoy another single origin coffee from the same region.  Different regions produce different tastes, determined by location to the equator, tropical climate, and soil differences.  For instance, coffee grown in rich volcanic ash produces a deeper, more earthy coffee flavor.  Visit our "Coffee Growing Regions" page to learn about the differences in coffee from one country and region to another.


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